At our church meetings we do things you might expect if you’ve been to church before. We listen to God’s word from the bible. We hear a bible talk that helps us think about how God’s word asks us to respond. We speak to God in prayer. We sing songs that praise God and affirm what we believe about him. And we spend time just being together in community, helping each other to grow as followers of Jesus.

On any given Sunday, at any of our church services, you can expect the following:

  • At the door you’ll be greeted and given a news sheet. The news sheet will help you follow along with our bible time, and also contains information about what’s happening at church. If you have any questions about church, feel free to ask at the door!
  • Feel free to sit anywhere! There’s space up the back for young families that you are welcome to make use of.
  • During NSW school term, Kids for Christ and crèche will be on. The service leader will announce when and where these will be on. All our children’s teachers and helpers are trained and have passed a police check.
  • There’s a collection of money at each service. This funds the ministry of our church, and some is given away to gospel work locally and overseas. If you’re visiting, don’t feel like you need to contribute. If you’ve filled out a information slip or Connect Card, you can leave that in the collection instead.
  • After church (or during, at 10.30 Church) there will be refreshments. Please join us. If you have any questions, this is a good time to talk to the service leaders or pastors you saw up the front during the service.

For more information, visit the 9 O’clock Church, 10.30 Church, or NightChurch pages.


Why bother with church?

The Bible tells us our extraordinary God has made it possible for ordinary people like us, imperfect people, to follow him! How can this be? Are we more special? No. We’re ordinary… but God, our extraordinary God, sent his own Son Jesus to deal with our imperfections on the cross!

Following Jesus is tough in today’s world, so we meet together when we can, to keep reminding each other how extraordinary God is.

If you’re ordinary too… we’d love you to meet with us!