Some of the things that go on at Bathurst Presbyterian Church…

Men • Women • Infants • Children • Teenagers • Seniors

Prayer • Newcomers Course • Community • Care Network • Mission


Prayer is integral to all our church gatherings throughout the week and our lives, but we gather especially to read a passage of scripture and pray from it for our church, our community and our world each Wednesday at 1 pm, at the back of the main church building. All welcome.


Apart from our various weekly men’s groups and involvement that threads through our whole church community life the men of our church gather specifically in several other ways. On the first Saturday of each month we have a men’s breakfast from 7:30 am in the church hall. The outdoor types go camping and the indoor types play games together. As with the women of our church, the men regularly meet together to pray and encourage one another from God’s word in many different settings.


We’re constantly trying to grow the level of love care and support on offer for the women who of our church and our community. Our women’s ministry team coordinates ministry and outreach to women. Apart from our various weekly women’s groups and involvement that threads through our whole church community life the women of our church gather specifically in several other ways, including the active Presbyterian Women’s Association that meets several times through the week and for regular conferences over the course of the year.


We want to be a baby friendly church. Our auditorium has room for families with prams and children in tow. Crèche is provided during the Bible talks each Sunday. All infants activities are supervised by volunteers who are trained in child protection.

Kids can be followers of Jesus too. We invest a lot teaching the gospel to the children that God brings to us. On Sundays Kids for Christ> (Sunday School) runs during church. We also own and operate Elizabeth Chifley Preschool, located right next to the church. We send many people into the local primary schools to teach Scripture. All childrens activities are supervised by volunteers who are trained in child protection.


One of the benefits of being a church that has been around for a while and experienced a lot is that it’s full of people who’ve been around for a while and experienced a lot! Our seniors meet together in Small Groups during the week, the women also meet at PWA and the men also get together regularly, especially one Saturday a month for a men’s breakfast. On top of that, our older men and women meet with our younger men and women to encourage each other to stand firm in the knowledge of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Newcomers Course

The Newcomers’ Course runs twice a year, in three one-hour sessions held over three weeks. The first sessions looks at what it is to follow Jesus, the second looks at what it means to be part of the Presbyterian denomination, and the third session looks at what it is to be a Christian at our church here in Bathurst. The Newcomers’ Course even includes a free lunch each week! Contact contact Tim or Tristan to find out more.


Following Jesus has never been about merely turning up and sitting in a pew for an hour each Sunday. Being a Christian means being part of the community of believers. We want to be a church where people experience that community. We share meals together, we play sport and games together, we care for each others kids, we keep each other company, we garden for each other, we really try to love one another as Christ has loved us. We’ll never be the perfect community, but as we listen to God speak to us through His Word it’s something we will always be striving for!

Care Network

One of the ways we are striving to become a more Christ-like community is through our care network. This is a network of people throughout our church who have offered to coordinate care for specific needs that arise from time to time in our lives. Arranging meals for the sick or grieving, gardening, transport, helping with repairs are some of the tangible ways we want to make sure we’re available to love each other as we seek to be more like Christ.


While caring for each other is important, we want to be a church that looks outside itself into the world. We run many events aimed at connecting the community to church. We are part of a network of regional churches seeking to help build the church across the central tablelands. We help support missionaries the world over. To find out more about the work we are involved in you can look at the websites of the Priest family in PNG, the Rempels in Africa, Presbyterian Inland MissionAllowah Childrens Hospital and Bathurst Christian Students.